KBA Swarm Team Code of Conduct

KBA Swarm Team Code of Conduct
* Members will act professionally and courteously at all times, in keeping with the standards expected of Kentuckiana Beekeepers
* At the beginning of each year a new team listing is generated and posted to website and mailing list no later than April 1st.
* Members will read and understand: KBA Swarm Team Code of Conduct, KBA Bylaws and KBA swarm and hive removal webpage
* Members will have an active membership to participate in KBA Swarm team, deadline is April 1st.
* All swarm & hive removals will be logged into KBA swarm map within 3 days of successful removal. Swarm Removal Form
* Members will use voice phone call as primary means of contact with public. Text and email are also acceptable means of communication however should be avoided when possible.
* Members who respond to public calls will relay actions via kba-swarm-call@googlegroups.com. ie “Contacted Mr Jones and I am picking up swarm” then “Swarm was removed at 3pm 5/7/2018”
* Members who sell swarms will allow first attempt to members who house and actively tend them in their own apairy.
* Members will avoid charging a fee for swarm removals, unless outstanding circumstances are present.
* Members will have at least 1 prior hive and/or swarm removal thru KBA mentorship or outside experience before actively engaging in work. This includes how to properly identify a hive of honey bees vs solitary bees, hornets, or wasps AND standard contemporary practices for removal.
* Members who engage in established hive removals will properly survey the situation and communicate costs, time and scope of work prior to beginning job.
* Members who engage in swarm & established hive removals will not abandon a job and will see forth to its completion. This may include requesting additional help from those with advanced skill-set and expertise.