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Spring Packages and Nuc availability for 2017 in Louisville and surrounding areas.  The early shipments of bee packages, queens, and nucs from Southern State producers start in early April. Reserve by January or February as they often sell out. Local producers typically have packages and nucs available May-June.

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Local Nucs


We will have local nuc information available in April 2018.

3lb Italian Packages

We will have packages information available in April 2018.

Italian Small Cell Packages
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Southern 4-Frame Nucs
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Bees from Suppliers

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Kelley Beekeeping (Clarkson, KY and online)

Dadant & Sons (Frankfort, KY and online)

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm (online)

Methods to Acquire Honey Bees

Most popular method to acquire bees, in early spring bees are shipped north from the south. Large hives have bees divided into 3 pound packages. A newly mated queen (not related to the bees) is added.

A miniature hive with its own laying queen, 4-5 frames of pollen, honey and brood in all stages. Typically the best, however, the more expensive method to acquire bees. Growth is quick in spring compared to package bees. Overwintering success is increased.

Often occur in our area April-June, peaking in mid-late May.

Swarm Bait Box
Empty hive bodies with drawn-out comb is attached to a building or tree to attract swarms. The scent of a queen and/or lemongrass oil is often added to attract scout bees.

Bees are passively trapped without disturbing the structure. An empty box with drawn-out combs is placed at the entrance of the hive with a tube and a one-way exit cone. The trapping takes place over several weeks or months. Catching the queen is often difficult, however bees can be harvested for new starts with queen cells.

Tear-out (Removal)
An established hive in a structure is removed. The bees are removed with a bee vacuum and brood and pollen comb is secured to empty frames. All the comb is removed. Honey is collected and fed back to hive after transporting bees to final location.